Different Types Protective Gear That You Should Know About

Safety is very important today. You and me both have heard so many stories of friends of friends or family who if took safety in to their priority they would be alive or not lost an arm or leg. Yet, I am still amazed that people still ignore wearing protective gear while playing sports. Some people use the same gear for all their other activity. All I can say my dear friend is that will not work. Boots used in football help protect your ankles and prevents you from slipping on the grass however you can’t expect to wear the same shoes or boots when playing a game basketball or doing your daily jogging.

Here is a list of different gears that people use and that you should be aware about. Your feet are very important and getting injury to your feet will hinder you a lot not just spots. It will make life really difficult. Wear appropriate footwear; wear the right boots, wear cycling shoe covers to protect your feet, wear the sneakers for basketball, etc. All sports are played on very different surfaces some are slippery and some are not this is why the demands of different equipment is really important factor to consider. A game a like rugby requires bigger studs on their shoes to have more grip than the boots of football players. Eyewear is and mouth pieces are essentially that main protective gear used on your face. There many ways you can damage your eye.

The when it comes to ice hockey, there are chances that hockey puck may hit your face and eye. Wearing proper eye guard and mouth guard and prevent major damage. Even BBB sunglasses are used by cyclists for a reason. When cycling through different roads there is lot dirt and dust and what not in the wind. These glasses protect their eyes from the wind and everything else that may harm their eyes like insects.Helmets are considered the basic of all protective gear that you should wear. Almost all the sports that you can play you are allowed to wear helmets from cycling to hockey. Just like the boots I mentioned above same goes for helmets.

You need to make sure that the helmet is suited for the sport and that it fits you perfectly more importantly. Wearing a tight helmet won’t do you any good as it will give you discomfort while playing. It will affect you blood flow to you brain and that is not good especially when you are playing a sport. Playing with a loose helmet will do you more damage than good. In the event of an accident, your helmet might get in to an awkward position or even remove off.