Surfing Gear: A Complete Beginners’ Guide

If you are obsessed with ocean waves and your fitness, surfing is the best hobby for you. Even though it sounds dangerous, it can be fun and exciting if you learn it well. Most people tend to try open water surfing during their vacations and most of them fall in love with it instantly. That is why surfing has become one of the most popular watersports in the world. If you are enthusiast about starting surfing, there are so much that you should learn. It is an interesting but time consuming sport for beginners and you will have to learn and train step by step. If you ignore these first few steps, you will find surfing tedious and you will definitely give up. As you train with a certified instructor or with a professional surfer, you will need to purchase your first set of surfing gear. This guide will briefly explain how to buy the ideal gear without wasting your money.


First and foremost, you need to find a good surfboard ideally designed for beginners. There is a big difference between rookie equipment and pro surfing gear. If you purchase professional equipment instead of beginner ones, you will struggle a lot before getting the hang of it. There are heaps of places where you can buy stand up paddle board Perth or SUPs but you have to make sure that those sellers are well reputed. There are various brand names that are popular and have a good reputation. You can choose one of these gear without worrying too much. 


You can’t surf wearing anything you want, of course. You will need a proper wetsuit as a beginner. When you are going to purchase one you need to make sure that your wetsuit is well designed and comfortable. If you buy something too big or too tight, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and it can be a potential risk as well. Go to a reliable watersports retailer and tell them about your needs. They will help you out with an excellent wetsuit.

Leash and wax

Leash is the part that help you to keep your surfboard near you when you are in water. Talk to a professional and he or she will recommend you a good leach. Also, you will need to wax your surfboard properly. You can purchase wax bars from a stand up paddle board sale and quality sup package or a local retail shop but make sure to buy high end bars.Once you have these basic equipment, you can start training with your instructor. He or she will tell you when to step in to the ocean and that will be the beginning of your surfing life!